Company History


SOON-TEC Resources and Services Ltd began operation in 28th August, 2016. In our quest to sustain the 'SOON TEC' and step ahead our competitors, we maintain a wide range of Access Control, Security and Safety Engineering products, designed and installed to meet our clients best interest. We maximize our relationship with our major access, security and safety manufacturing companies and foreign technical partners world-wide to 'train & retain' our engineering team to new inventions and technologies in the industry in desired to address all access, security & safety treats of the 21st century and beyond as we strive. Our customers can testify to the durability of our products, the reasonableness of our price, the professionalism of our staffers, the neatness of our installation and professional service delivery.


Considering the rapidity and regularity on the bombardment of lives and property globally, precisely in the continent of African and in Nigeria, it is pertinent to note that “Health is Wealth” by systematically and logically bringing to your company and institution the incomparable significance of SOON-TEC RESOURCES AND SERVICES LTD ,A SUBSIDIARY OF CHIMARDEL INDUSTRIES LTD.


SOON-TEC RESOURCES AND SERVICES LTD is a reputable safety and security company in the heart-beat of Nigeria, primarily registered for the purpose of protecting lives, property and our hard earned investment. With annex in the four cardinal points of Nigeria: and head office in lagos (13, Ojogiwa street off Idumagbo Avenue,Lagos Island) It is a prestigious registered SAFETY AND SECURITY COMPANY; redefined to put an end to insecurity, terrorism, stealing and many negative activities which are often perpetrated in our national and global organization. However, “it is scriptural to be prepared and win an attack than preparing to count losses”. On this note, SOON-TEC in collaboration with international security companies to unveil to you a first-class apparatuses characterized by promoting investment testimonies against atmosphere of uncertainties.


The Video Door Phone: This is a unique security and safety device with a camera sensor that enables you to see the outside while inside. It is scientifically installed in a system that makes it invisible by an intruder from the outside. However, it most significance is the ability to record and store what it covers or views with simple rechargeable bacteria.


“Fire is good servant but a bad master”, as literately said. The fire alarm serine is a scientifically formulated device meant to eschew the havoc or destructive nature of fire. They are of different forms with sensor to detect fire and alert all and sundry to run safety.


The peak of the functions of the CCTV Cameras in homes, Churches, Offices, Ministries, and Organizations etc is to electronically monitor 100% activities of your organization. They are simple but mighty cameras endowed to watch over your organization day and night once it is installed and it is in good condition. It helps in monitoring and recording of whatever that comes it way when it is on and stores every recorded information in the control unit which in another dimension motivates members of staff to work-hard as their negligence is been recorded for a raining day (Sack). It eradicates the uncertainly of coronary thrombosis over an accidental occurrence and many more.


This is otherwise known as the “Master Unit” which facilitates easy assessment of all the Cameras. However,SOON-TEC RESOURCES AND SERVICES LTD AND CHIMARDEL INDUSTRIES LTD Has the best of it kinds in line with years of experience in security and safety investment. Here, we offer you monitors that are weather resistance which can be monitored easily.


The device helps to detect cars and personnel that are bomb carriers. Similarly, it is an important apparatus designed to capture smugglers of companies and organization goods and commodities that are otherwise subjected to roles and regulation. It detects and captures promptly or diffuses any explosive matters such as bombs and dynamite e.t.c before explosion.


Fire extinguisher as it name implies are modernized fire fighting materials that help to put off fire. However, it must be of good quality as contained in SOON-TEC RESOURCES AND SERVICES LTD ,A SUBSIDIARY OF CHIMARDEL INDUSTRIES LTD.


This is a master-card like devices use to assess entries and exists of people, goods and services in an organization in a bid to control and sanction illegal entries which otherwise might pose a security threat. It is a device that will keep you going in business as no one can easily assess your administrative techniques without a systematic and logical scrutiny at a point of entry or exit. It is a powerful security and safety apparatus that helps in reducing the number of security personnel hereby increases your income and investment in terms of notifies security personnel with on alarm if handled by force invasion


The metal detector is a simplified security and safety gadget meant to check and balances the entry and exit of people concisely with weapon of minor or mass destruction. It is used to detect every form of entry with a metal either hidden or open. It is otherwise technologically made with a serine when a metal is detected.


Other devices at SOON-TEC RESOURCES AND SERVICES LTD AND CHIMARDEL INDUSTRIES LTD. Includes electronic fencing, mobile walking and talking radio, escape ropes, security builds, monitors, security halogen, radio massager, companies car tracker, wireless remote controls and transfers etc.

Strategic Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be your First Choice for Security and Investigation services in partnership with all commercial, industrial, business clients and government.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver customized, professional security and investigative solutions in Nigeria demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, and professionalism by building on values of courage, wisdom, honesty and respect.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values include:

The Value of Cooperation:  Our commercial and industrial clients require their security services to be dynamic and responsive while meeting corporate social responsibility mandates. Our strategic positioning and goals necessitate our need for full cooperation and understanding to their needs. Equally, across Africa we seek out and work in parallel and partnership with foreign manufacturing companies.

The Value of Integrity: Our employees are background checked and selected for their aptitude to carry out their duties with honesty, integrity and good judgment. We commit to professional industry standards offering training and leadership that exceeds industries norms. Partners can be confident that their request and delivery are secure and all dealings are transparent, open and fair